The Love Of The Lure

Chris Hendershot is a pennsylvilnia native whose life long love of fishing began along the Susquehanna River where he grew up.

The Gitzit Company, which was originally BASS-N-Man, was famous for the Fat Gitzit tube lure, When it fell into bankruptcy in 1992. Chris, thinking he might try his hand at the fishing lure business, acquired Bass-N-Man and began to reorganize the old company.

He spent the following months traveling across the country, contacting old accounts, assuring them that Gitzit would meet their demands and was anxious to service their accounts.

For the next three years Chris collected no salary to help launch Gitzit as a reputable company in the fishing industry. Still today he designs lures that are life like and appeal to both the fish and fishermen. The original Fat Gitzit tube, the Paddle Fry and the Little Tough Guy are some of Gitzit's most sought after.

It is the goal of Gitzit to be involved in Community efforts, especially where children are concerned. It is our way of giving back for the generous support from folks like you who through our seventeen years in the business, have made our journey so rewarding.